Litterbug Cleanup

Written by Aalia Khan and Rana Al-Fayez ~ the Environmental Committee of Fallingbrook Middle School

April 22, 2013

On Creditview Road lies a gem amongst the urban setting: The Creditview Wetland. This place is home to hundreds of unique species of plants and animals, many of which are considered rare in other parts of the world. The bog plays a very important part in Mississauga's ecosystem and has a diverse role in the city's history. The bog acts as a natural filtration system. It purifies the rain, which then flows into the Credit River, and ultimately the Great Lakes.

We are two of the lucky grade 7 students who got the opportunity to go into the bog and clean up the litter that had gathered over time. With the help of Dr Kevin Saldanha (and our teacher, Mr. Zirnis), Fallingbrook Middle School students participated in the cleaning of this Wetland. Armed with only garbage bags and gloves, we were determined to make the bog as clean as possible. Copious amounts of beer bottles, tissues, paper, and candy wrappers were strewn all over the wetland, threatening to endanger the sensitive organisms that were native to the area. The wetland is a prime example that the Earth's ecosystems are in desperate need of cleaning. We experienced this firsthand when we were there. Cleaning the bog was a fun and eventful experience that reminded us of how important it is to get the community involved and how rewarding it feels to interact positively with the environment around us


By Farhana, Catherine and Chelsea from Mr. Zirnis' homeroom class

April 22, 2013

It's true that many people may have hurt our environment but who knew that so many people actually care and have the initiative to help save nature. Littering has been an issue for so long and it has affected our Earth in lots of different ways. When we litter we hurt many different valuable species of plants and animals. That should stop as soon as possible; we can't let this problem continue. We hope to help, not harm! With hard work and positive attitude, lots of kind people have already accomplished that. If we all start taking action now and give the effort, we will be able to protect this beautiful world!

Amazing Fallingbrook students and teachers had helped make our school be green and make its environment shine. We were extremely enthusiastic when the litter clean-up happened and many of us even went to a wetland near our school to help clean up the ecosystem. At first there was garbage EVERYWHERE, even in places that you wouldn't think of. Still, with our creative minds and caring hearts we managed to clean it all up. Without a nice veterinarian named Kevin Slandahna we probably wouldn't have accomplished our goal because he gave us many materials to use (garbage bags, gloves etc). We all smiled and laughed because it really was a great time there. There was so much to explore in there, we found a huge hole meant for a snake and someone even found a rabbit's bone! Even though there were tall pointy plants, a few dead and creepy animals, sticky plants, poisonous plants and rough places to get through everyone had the courage to continue to help save the marsh. Everybody was proud of themselves because we all knew that we were there to protect the bog and let its wilderness grow! Fallingbrook students had also done a fantastic job cleaning up the environment around our school. We all had fun and had picked up huge amounts of garbage. At the end, our field blacktop and school park looked as clean as any royal palace would have. Everyone cared and did their part to help out. Hopefully this outstanding event can happen again for the many years to come; not just for our enjoyment but for the sake of our Earth too.

With cooperation, Fallingbrook helped protect nature. If people all around the world could work with each other, then our world may be freed from littering. With hard work and our creative minds we will create a better future. Not only will we help the ecosystem but also the wildlife in it. It's possible to protect the many animal and plant species and prevent them from extinction. We can stop this issue now; Fallingbrook Middle School has already done their part. So participate because you can make Earth a better place!

Litterbugs at the Wetland

December 29, 2012

Community, you have a beautiful wetland in your neighbourhood. Unfortunately, you also have people in your community who don't care.

Litterbug Cleanup

by Kevin Saldanha

November 12, 2010

Although the day started off foggy, by the afternoon, the sun came out and we had a great clean up.


There are some chairs, a garbage bin and garbage bags left by the bin in the parkette. There are 4 used tires dumped just over the fence by the gate in the north meadow which we left in case you want to do some forensics. Also, there is a heavy garbage bag of sand(?) in the bushes just across from the garbage bin by the north fence of the wetland. Some kids have pulled out both the "Cyclists Prohibited" signs - they are lying off to the right of the entrance to the viewing deck between the flower beds.


There are 5 large bags of garbage and other debris retrieved from the Fallingbrook park at the disabled parking sign in the corner of the parking lot at the park. For the most part, all the divisions of the grade 7 students were excellent and co-operative in cleaning up as were their teachers. I'm sure they were also happy to get out of class on a beautiful afternoon. Thank you Peter for all your help and please convey my appreciation to the rest of the teachers [at Fallingbrook M.S.]. Also, thanks to the co-op students from the [Creditview Animal] Hospital who came out to help me to supervise the cleanups - Angela, Nameera, Kim and Dana.