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Still looking beautiful at 12,000 years old!

Turtle's view of the Observation Deck

Downey Serviceberry - white as snow

Dedicated student volunteers for wetland cleanup stewardship

welcome to the creditview wetland

12,000 Years in the Making!


Who are we? What is the Creditview Wetland?

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Come visit the 12 000 year old wetland that originated post de-glaciation era.
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Our 10 year celebration of BOGFEST will be taking place on May 5, 2018.
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Compiled by the South Peel Naturalists with the assistance of the Creditview Wetland Community
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See all the great stewardship activities in action!
Another great successful Creditview Wetland community event! View pictures
Mississauga News: BogFest a celebration of 12,000-year-old Mississauga wetland

Latest News and Events

What's New at the Creditview Wetland

BOGFEST #10 has been confirmed for
Saturday, May 5, 2018! 10am - 2pm.

Visit our website often for more information and updates.

Let the countdown begin.....

Thanks to the CVC, for our 2018 fundraising efforts we are able to offer you a Conservation Parks Family & Friends membership at a reduced rate of $100
(regular cost is $152.55).

So if you LOVE the outdoors, and we you know you do! - you can invite your family and friends to head out to enjoy the great outdoors with you! Parks, trails, hiking, swimming, fishing, skiing, zip lining, picnics, relaxing....more and more! We only have a limited amount of these passes available and will only be offering these for a short time. All funds received will be used towards our www.creditviewwetland.org website payments and materials for our upcoming Creditview Wetland stewardship efforts. Please feel free to share this information to anyone who may be interested.

The Conservation Parks Family & Friends membership is valid for up to 6 people and can be used at CVC and TRCA Locations.
You will also receive:

  • Free admission and parking to Black Creek Pioneer Village, the Kortright Centre, and Ken Whillans and Terra Cotta Conservation Areas
  • FREE cross-country ski trail admission at Albion Hills
  • FREE General admission to special events such as the Maple Syrup Festival, Kite Festival, Fall Festival and Pioneer Festival
  • Free boat launch at Island Lake
  • 10% DISCOUNTS on food and retail purchases, workshops and at Kortright Centre and Black Creek Pioneer Village
  • 15% off equipment rentals at CVC locations!
  • Discounts at the pools and splash areas
  • Discounts for park rentals

You can find further details about the entire membership perks from the Conservation Parks website but you must place your order through our Creditview Wetland Stewardship Committee email so that you can obtain the discounted rate of $100.
The membership starts on the date your card is activated and is valid for 1 year. Further details will be provided directly to you.
Send us an email at stewardship@creditviewwetland.org to order your membership TODAY!

Ontario Winter Birds BINGO

Download a copy of the bird sighting BINGO sheet
and then take a walk around the Creditview Wetland to see how many you can see.
First person to score 5 WINS!

Temperatures are dropping and it feels like winter has officially arrived. Here at the wetland that means more fun in the snow!
For a fun winter activity, try this:
If you find animal tracks, use colour to highlight the tracks. This will make it much more easier to see and follow the footprints. The colours will look so pretty!

Here’s a quick How To and some observations....


  • A cup of water (if the snow isn’t wet or slushy)
  • A paint brush
  • Non-toxic watercolors or acrylics
  • Notes: We love art supplies from Nature of Art for Kids, they are non-toxic and made in the USA. You can use acrylics or watercolors for this project. If you’d prefer to make your own watercolors, this is a great recipe.
  • Some animal (or human) tracks in the snow


  • Find your tracks
  • Observe and discuss (optional)
  • Paint the tracks – just be creative and have fun. There is no need to choose the same color for every track, but we did find that darker colors worked better
  • If you’re done painting the real tracks, imagine and paint some of your own

Here is a wonderful resource on inquiry based learning.

Questions this activity inspired:

  • Why do the tracks end?
  • Is this aanimal?
  • Is there only one?
  • When were they here?
  • What were they doing?
  • Did another other animal die (if this animal hunted it)?

Topics for discussion:

  • Animal identification
  • Weight distribution
  • Past observations of animals previously in our yard
  • Winter food sources and hunting patterns
  • Death and the food web (this comes up every time we talk about hunting)
  • Carnivores and other types of eaters
  • Nocturnal and diurnal animals
  • Blending colors and rainbows

Here are some of great books on the tracking and reading signs!

  • Tracks, Scats and Signs by Leslie Dendy
  • Big Tracks, Little Tracks by Millicent E. Selsam
  • Petersons Field Guide to Animal Tracks
  • Wild Tracks!: A Guide to Nature’s Footprints by Jim Arnosky

Activity source: www.wilderchild.com