Bogfests of the Past

Step back in time and see how Bogfest has grown to become a great community event.


Saturday, May 5, 2018! 10am - 2pm

Bird Count starts @ 7:00am

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Thank you to the 200+ guests who attended the 10 year celebration of BOGFEST!
Thank you to the committed partners and volunteers: City of Mississauga, CVC, Fallingbrook MS, Rick Hanson HS, Councillor Ron Starr and members of CWS who worked very hard to prepare activities and help with the day's tasks.

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Mississauga News: BogFest a celebration of 12,000-year-old Mississauga wetland
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Get ready for the biggest Creditview Wetland event of the year!

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Make connections at the Creditview Wetland!
Participate in the various stewardship activities to learn more about this unique urban wetland.
For you early birds, participate in bird count at 7:00AM
Show us your skills with a hammer and build a bee box which is yours to keep.
Family friendly event with activities for all ages.
Ecotours, music, food and more!
Come on down to Bogfest 9 and see stewardship in action!

Please come properly dressed for the weather and wear proper footwear so that you can fully partake in the stewardship activities.
Hats...sunscreen...bug spray...long pants...closed shoes = good idea!
Bring your own drinking water container. Refills are available.
Note: there are no washroom facilities on-site.


Compiled by the South Peel Naturalists with the assistance of the Creditview Wetland Community
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Mississauga News: BogFest a celebration of 12,000-year-old Mississauga wetland

Bogfest 7 was BUZZing with anticipation and excitement!

The day started with the annual spring Bird Count @ 7am. Guided by the South Peel Naturalists, the early risers of the community gathered and wandered around the wetland to see and identify the many birds that make the Creditview Wetland their home. The bird watchers were kept busy with their tally logs as 28 different species were seen including common birds such as: robins, chickadees and geese. As an added bonus, an amazing kestrel showed up to take in the sights of the bird watchers!

There was a wider range of activities this year as more partners were involved. Tree planting and plant maintenance/mulching was once again offered by the CVC and City of Mississauga.Working in the north and east buffer, volunteers who participated got a good workout as they dug holes and carried heavy buckets of mulch. Their efforts will extend the green canopy and help a plant's chances for survival. Guests who joined an Eco Tour were able to learn about the special and unique features of the Creditview Wetland and were able to see the growth stages of the many plants of years past.

Not to be outdone, volunteers who were re-working the Native Plant Gardens also needed to use a lot of muscle power and energy. The garden beds had been planted a few years ago but had become overrun with tall grasses and weeds. Led by the Sierra Club, volunteers had to work through the tough soil and clear out the beds to start anew with new native and pollinator plants. Hopefully there will be volunteers who can do regular garden maintenance on an on-going basis so that the garden beds stay beautiful and can be properly enjoyed.

Offering a long-time favourite hands-on activity - habitat construction - Pat Kelly returned to Bogfest to guide keen youngster builders in constructing their own backyard bee box. With an overall decline in global bee populations, building a backyard bee box helps support local bee habitat and increases much needed pollinators in the area. By early afternoon, 108 bee boxes had been constructed and were on their way to a neighbourhood home.

A first time partner to Bogfest, Ecosource led demonstrations to create a unique, environmentally-friendly, biodegradable way to grow seedlings. Guests used newspaper to structure a seedling pot, added some soil, and then chose a flower or vegetable seed for what they wanted to grow. Now they had an easy way to safely get their seedling planted in the ground at their home garden.

For those who liked more of a natural surprise, visiting the Pollinator Garden table allowed a guest to get a bag of mixed native plant seeds: New England Aster, Sneezeweed, Blazing Star, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Plains Coreopsis, Black-eyed Susan and Purple Coneflower. Best suited for the local area, these seeds will create natural beauty and habitat for pollinators to flourish. 80 lucky families received a bag of seeds to take home to plant their own pollinator garden. Best of all about pollinator gardens is that require very little maintenance and a whole lot of enjoyment! Send us pictures of the pollinators that visit your garden!

Back in the main parking lot area, face painting and wonderful wetland storytelling were being offered by Fallingbrook students. Wanted to know more about the different wildlife species of the Credit River Watershed? The Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) booth was the place to be. Not only could visitors check out the displays they could also get more information about the importance of stewardship. The Creditview Wetland Stewardship Committee booth members were also welcoming guests to learn more about the Creditview Wetland and to be directly involved in the stewardship activities at the Creditview Wetland. Join the CWS committee and support the Creditview Wetland!

Ward 6 Councillor Ron Starr's booth had the regular goodies of City of Mississauga information sheets and giveaways. Bogfest T-shirts were available are are still available in exchange for a donation. Ron Starr generously donated and awarded Bogfest raffle prizes which included items such as: kitchen compost bins, yard waste bags, green bins, and a backyard composter. Both Ron Starr and Streetsville MPP Bob Delaney met with visitors and spoke about the importance of community involvement in stewardship activities.

The best way to cap the day off and say thank you to all the hardwork of Bogfest volunteers is the much anticipated Bogfest BBQ! Sponsored by both the Creditview Animal & Bird Hospital and new partner, Goodness Me! Natural Food Market, volunteers cashed in their stewardship tickets for a yummy hotdog or thirst-quenching drink. Free Goodness Me! food sample grab bags were also available. Those waiting in the line-up could enjoy the Fallingbrook Rock Band as they performed an originally written "Bogfest Song" Listen to it here or watch the Rock Band in action!

Last but not least, everyone could see the Rick Hanson student volunteers in their special vests as they BUZZED around to help set up the areas, shuttle guests to the various zones, assisted with activities, and still kept enough energy to help with the cleanup.

Many connections were made at this year's Bogfest as all the amazing and compassionate individuals, students, and families of the local community helped to make Bogfest 7 a great success. Even Mother Nature had a good time as she provided ideal weather conditions and held off on the rain until the very, very end to water all the new plants. Thanks everyone! See you all next year!


Bogfest celebrates the 12,000-year-old Creditview Wetland

The Creditview Bog: invisible jewel in City's environmental crown

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Spread the word on Bogfest 2015! Come see what the Buzz is about.

Make connections and see what all the buzz is about.

Participate in planting, mulching and LitterBug cleanup

For you early birds participate in bird count at 7:00AMfollowed by pollinator tracking at 12:30PM

Many more activities to participate in throughout this event.

Show us your artistic side through colouring and photography.

Or show us your skills with a hammer and build a bee box whichis yours to keep.

Ecotours, music, food and more. Come on down to Bogfest 7 and see what all the buzz is about.

Announcing....Bogfest 2014!

Neighbours checking out the details for Bogfest....

Bogfest 5 - Keeping the Wetland Alive!

June 5, 2013

Bogfest #5 was the coolest one yet! With over 175 guests in attendance, the different zones were all kept busy as partners, students, parents, families, teachers, friends, neighbours, and the community from near and far participated in the various stewardship activities.

Moving beyond previous years, Bogfest 2013 welcomed guests at the Willowvale Gardens parking lot for: birdhouse and feeder building, face painting, community information, and then for the first time it stretched south to the far end of the field for the tree and shrub buffer planting. In between, the "Battle of the Bog"game kept students on the run to learn more about the Creditview Wetland. Those who wanted a more leisurely pace joined the interactive EcoTour got to see the wetland from a different perspective and hear some of its lessor known secrets. This inspired many students to create beautiful artwork for the Sketch, Paint, and Shoot contest.

Birdhouse and feeder building gave students some first hand experience using tools as they carefully watched the leaders and then followed the steps to build their own model. With careful hands and patience, everyone walked from the table holding their creation and having proud smiles.

The Creditview Wetland benefited from the planting of 50 trees and shrubs to extend the south field buffer. Stewardship volunteers carefully selected a spot for their plant and earnestly dug the earth til it was just right. Once the plant was placed, the 'doughnut' created, and a bucket of mulch laid for water retention, on to the next....on to the next...on to the next. Thank you to all who helped with this labour intensive, important stewardship activity. It was great to see some families who return every year for this initiative.

Thank you to CWS volunteers and our partners: City of Mississauga, Councillor Ron Starr, CVC, Fallingbrook M.S., Rick Hanson S.S, TCCSA, Pat Kelly.

Presenting....Bogfest 2013!

Please come properly dressed for the weather and wear proper footwear so that you can fully partake in the stewardship activities. Hats...sunscreen...bug spray...long pants...closed shoes = good idea!

Bring your own drinking water container. Refills are available.
Note: there are no washroom facilities on-site.

Bogfest 2012 - a time to celebrate

May 26, 2012

Bogfest 2012 had a good turnout. The weather was perfect for planting and participating in stewardship activities. 75 tress were planted and mulched. Now, let it rain so that the new trees can be nourished in their new home. Birdfeeder building also drew great interest. Feathered friends will be thankful for their new units - complete with furnishings!

Thank you to all organizers, partners, volunteers, and community guests for helping to make this year's event a success. Stewardship is a year round activity so contact to get involved with nature!

Presenting....Bogfest 2012!

Please come properly dressed for the weather and wear proper footwear so that you can fully partake in the stewardship activities.
Hats...sunscreen...bug spray...long pants...closed shoes = good idea!
Bring your own drinking water container. Refills are available.
Note: there are no washroom facilities on-site.